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Saturday, May 27, 2006


I apologize for the two week absence! It's been a very wacky couple of weeks in the Ward household, but I think life may finally be evening out to the normal day-to-day, and just having the condo to STILL worry about. I had a bit of medical melodrama - nothing serious - but enough bloodwork for the people at the GUH lab to recognize me and Daniel! I learned that hyperthyroiditis is yet another post-partem medical wonder for some women, including me! Thank goodness it is temporary, and I am already feeling much better.

My big 3-0 was last weekend. I had a great day thanks to Scott, my family, and my friends. Jules, Vee, Nat, and Nema are flying me to FL in two weeks for a girls' weekend! It will be so much fun, and was such a surprise for me! Daniel and I leave tomorrow for a one-week visit with Gramps, Gigi, and his Denney aunt and uncles. Scott is joining us on Thursday. Then, we will turnaround and drive down to Corolla, NC to meet up with my friend Barbara and her family for two days. It's going to be quite a busy month!

Daniel continues to wow me everyday. Scott and I were chatting last night about how much he has developed intellectually and physically in the last few weeks. He is all about people. It's like one day he figured out that people are watching him. He loves to smile and get a reaction, and he loves to watch other kids. He flaps his arms and squeals that them! Daniel now plays with toys! Mainly, he throws them and bangs them together. Yesterday, he pulled himself up from sitting to standing in his crib. Unbelievable and just so amazing to watch and be part of.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Clothing War

Why is it that kids' clothing stores are 2/3 girls' clothes? Are there not enough original designers in the market to design boys' clothes with some originality? You've got the choice of sports themes, stripes, cars/trucks/trains, or animals in any of the major children's stores sections for boys. That is a decent start in terms of possibilities, in my opinion. But, for some reason, the creativity stops there. Depending on the season, you can predict your sport. Bugs and nautical are in spring, bears are in winter, and the stripes and solid pocket t-shirts are out all year long, as well as the automobiles and Noah's ark variations. Basic color choices? Blue, green, red. Minimal yellow or orange. Khakis or jeans.

Can I get a tiger or a killer whale? Can I get a dolphin or a fish? What about birds? Aren't they gender neutral? A sun? Can I get purple? Can I get a stripe/polka dot masculine pattern? Can I get lime green, please?? The girls get these cute little fruit themed dresses with watermelons and lemons. Can I get a husk of corn or how about an apple? Are those masculine foods? What about a tractor or lawn mower instead of the same old, same old? My kid likes nature too. Instead of a flower, how about a tree?

I think all of Daniel's clothes are cute. I appreciate everything that people, especially my mom, buy for him. He looks adorable! I just think every mother to a son should be able to get as excited about the clothes for sale for her boy(s) as my friends who are mother's to daughters!

Check out the socks Daniel has on in these pics. They are so cute. They look like high top tennis shoes and the have lace at the top. They are made by this company called Trumpette. I discovered the line when I was shopping for my friends' girls. They make primary and pastel Mary Janes, ballerina slippers, and these others with bows for girls. When I found them, I thought, "Why don't they have athletic shoes for boys?" All that was masculine were ones with the days of the week written on them, and these animal prints that don't match anything! They could make ones that look like cleats, hiking boots, running shoes, etc. So I finally have one choice, compared to the girls' four choices for these outrageously priced socks that I scooped up immediately.

Anyone have a friend in children's fashion?

Monday, May 08, 2006

7 months...

w2wunf5 nl56 (that was Daniel's message, he wants to use whatever we are using now!)

Daniel was seven months old yesterday. Where did the month go? I swear, the days are flying by. He is doing so great. Such a happy little man, unless you are not feeding him quickly enough or his teeth are bothering him. At least, that's what I think is waking him up some nights. I have been making some of Daniel's food in the blender. I think it tastes much better. He is eating cereal, squash, peas, g. beans, peas, prunes, pears, apples, mango, and today we will try watermelon! Naps are usually at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. with slight variation depending on the day's activities and the night before. He is still waking up for his pacifier a few times each night. Waking up isn't really the right phrase because he is not fully awake. He just starts fussing for his pacifier. I call the hour or so he is up because of his teeth "social hour." You can tell he is in pain when he first wakes up, but then he cheers up and plays for a while.

Daniel has become much more aware of people around him. He smiles at just about anyone, especially kids and grandparent-types. The last two times we took him to the baseball game, he made friends with women two rows behind us. I was holding him so he could look over my shoulder and I looked over and he is grinning away, and sometimes squealing, at the other fans.

As Scott's softball game yesterday, he noticed the dogs for the first time.

He is also reaching for things when he is sitting up. Daniel will stretch and, at times, hold himself up on his arms to reach something. He is definitely gaining in self confidence! He will stretch right out onto his stomach, too. When he is in the bathtub, he attempts to pull himself up on the side of the tub - same for the crib when he is sitting up.

I think we need to start babyproofing the house!

Daniel still enjoys his reflection. That is one way I keep him happy on the Metro when I park the stroller in front of the glass doors, he can stare at himself.

Toys can also keep him happy now for a little while. He actually PLAYS with toys. And, we can make just about anything a toy for him - bottle of lotion, piece of paper, house keys, blanket, etc.

Ultimately, Daniel's favorite diversion is attention from others!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

moo, baa, la, la, la

Yesterday evening, I was reading Daniel a book. It's called Moo, Baa, La, La, La. I've read him this story several times. Basically, it goes over the different sounds that animals make. Well, I kind of did voices for the cow's moo, duck's quack, horse's neigh, dog's bow wow wow and ruff ruff ruff. Well, something was different THIS time, because Daneil cracked up as I read it. Belly laughed. It was so cool! So, I read it to him three times. This morning, I read it to him in front of Scott and he still giggled a bit. I loved every second.