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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Have to Write this Down

I have to record Daniel's new phrases and sayings - they amaze us and crack us up at the same time. So much is swirling in that little brain of his!

I fweep (sleep).
Fish fwim (swim).

Doggie fwoppy ears (floppy).
Doggie wag his tail.

What does the conductor say? "All aboard!"

Haween! (Halloween) Pumkin! Tiger! (his costume)

I cwimb! (climb)

Dinsaur huge! (dinosaur - we went to the Museum of Natural History today.)

He identified giraffe, bears, hippo, zebra, monkeys, and cats all on his own.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Baby is Two!

Wow! Daniel is two years old. I really cannot believe it. He is such a little man - talking more and more in sentences (Where Gigi go? Lay down with me Daddy. I hear it!), playing with his trucks (and identifying them by color!), painting, drawing, and making specific requests for food (sanwich! hot dog! pizza!).
We celebrated his birthday on Sunday with both sets of grandparents, Aunt Johanna and Uncle D, Nat, and Katie. He LOVED opening presents and was so proud of himself when he blew out his candle.
Reaching the two year mark also called for a good-bye to his pacifier! Monday morning before I left for my treatment, we had a chat about being a big boy, and I cut the "sucker" off of the pacifiers and threw them away. So far, it's gone much better than I anticipated. Daniel asked for it today, but I reminded him that passy went in the trash. He just said, "Humpf."
We are very proud of him for taking these major changes in stride. Big boy bed, passy, now we just have to add a new "sisser" to the house and see how that goes!