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Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Gummy Bear

Baby #2 is on its way! We are due on November 30th, which seems like a LONG time from now. But, that is okay. Daniel and I have a lot to do together before then. Yesterday, we were at some friends' house, and I think he was jealous of me holding a 5 month old. He buried his face in my lap and cried. Uh-oh.

This pregnancy has already been dramatically different than my pregnancy with Daniel. I have been sick as a dog up until basically Mother's Day. I lost almost four pounds in the first month. People keep telling me how good I look, and I just tell them it's very easy to lose weight when food repulses you. While the general feeling of nausea clouded my days in the first 20 weeks with Daniel, I could not keep food down from basically weeks 7-12 in April and May. It was very rough. I felt like a horrible mother. Daniel watched more PBS in the last month than I would have liked. I have been completely disorganized and just on "function" mode. My saint of a husband has been so patient with me considering the fact that he has picked up almost all of household duties and childcare the moment he walks in the door in the evenings. I couldn't load the dishwasher, much less walk into the kitchen if there were dishes in the sink, on most days.

But, it seems like my body is finally adjusting to the raging hormones, at least physically, and I am now craving mayonnaise based dishes and sour cream like never before.

We are excited about adding to our family. The love we have for Daniel is immeasurable, so I cannot imagine what it will be like to multiply that by two.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Bluegrass

(See March 21 entry, then read - travel journal continued)

After our Florida trip, Mom and I continuted to rack up frequent flier miles by going to Kentucky. My dad missed me so much while we were in Florida, that he came to KY with us for the weekend.

I got to meet so many new people! We went to a birthday party where I played with cousins Marley, Joe Dan, Stan, Evan, and Travis. Then, we went to the Denney's for a get together, and I had a blast with Hudson, Aislinn, and Emma. I visited with my mom's friends from college, too. I went to my first children's church concert and got scared when they shouted during a song.

We played outside at Aunt Susan's house everyday. I love to be outside to run around and dig in the dirt. Evan and Colin came over every day to visit. We ran around in the field and picked grass to on our heads. What a riot.