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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

chocolate chickens and uh-oh

Quick update as I dash out the door. I have been traveling a lot for my sorority position in the last two months and this trip to Tulane tomorrow will end the madness. It is fun, but a lot of stress, and I hate being away from my family!

Couple of cute Daniel-isms in recent weeks -
He and my dad were playing Darth Vadar and Luke Skywalker and had to make up some rules while playing (pick up, share, no shouting, etc). So, one day Daniel had a snack and my dad said, "Darth, what's rule number three?" And Daniel responded, "Share." He gave my dad his bag of pretzels. Daniel then said, "Hey Wuke, what's rule number six?" My dad didn't think they got to a number six. Daniel said, Don't eat it all!"

My dad asked Daniel if his Daddy wears contacts (he was with my dad when he was taking his out.) And Daniel thought about it and responded, "No, my daddy wears cuffwinks."

We dyed Easter eggs and were talking about the Easter egg hunt the next day at my parents' house. Daniel reminded us, "The person who gets the most eggs gets a chocolate chicken."

As Daniel has his arms wrapped around my ankles, and Elizabeth is standing in front of me saying "up!" I will jot down E's latest:

  • Loves stickers
  • Says, "Uh-oh, Whoa, Hello, Up, Out"
  • Is refusing the sippy cup and only wants a cup with a straw, or to drink from a real cup
  • As of last week, no more bottles!
  • Says, "Mama!" about six hundred times a day for everything
  • Has the most kissable cheeks
  • Is RUNNING everywhere. She is tough to keep up with in an open area - think mall and airport
  • Is letting her big brother know when she does not like something - especially when he is invading her personal space!
  • wants to type
  • enjoys scrambled eggs